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  Building Lasting Relationships with Positive Dog Training

Why Train Your Dog?

Dogs are amazing and unique individuals that need to be stimulated mentally just as much as physically. If this need is not met, our dogs can find inappropriate outlets to bust the boredom such as chewing, digging and other similar bad behaviors. What does any of this have to do with training? Training provides the mental stimulation dogs crave! It helps dogs redirect all that pent up energy into something constructive! And with positive training techniques, dogs are not only taught what we WANT them to do, but they CHOOSE to do it. So what's the end result? You're left with a happier dog, a happier home and an overall better relationship and understanding of your dog.


Private In-Home Sessions

Each private session is custom designed to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Have the trainer come to you -- at home, on a walk, the park -- anywhere! These types of sessions last approximately 1-1.5 hours and are great for basic manners, reactivity, advanced obedience, & more!



New Clients -- Must schedule a consultation

Existing Clients -- None



One Time Session $30

6wk Session $125

8wk Session $160


Day Training

Looking for a training solution to fit your busy schedule -- this is it! We come to your home and train your dog for you -- you don't even have to be there! We meet up with your dog twice a week and with you once a week to help you maintain the behaviors taught.


Prerequisites: None



6wk Session $225

8wk Session $260


follow-up visits may be added at trainer's discretion


Small Group Classes

Take your training to the next level by adding real-world distractions. We offer a variety of group classes which are held at dog-friendly locations and meet up once a week. Learn More...



You've worked hard and now you're ready to test your team skills! But where should you start? Learn More...


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